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When the pandemic hit, my art making changed. Furloughed from my day job, I had more time in my studio than I’d ever had. Refining slip-cast and slab-built ceramic forms became a meditative practice, each piece attended to like the one before and the one that followed.  Stray marks belied slips of attention and my noisy mind.


Creating compositions changed as well.  I continued to lay bisqued forms out on a 12 x 12 foot sheet of craft paper.  I still placed the shapes purposefully in relation to one another. But now, I pushed the forms around with my feet and my fingers, introducing randomness, an element of chaos, and an occasional chip. 


As the constructions become more precarious, the spaces between have multiplied.  I try to remember, in these spaces more energy than matter, anything is possible.


108, photo credit: Geistlight Photography

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