Island of Trees, Moss, and Granite
Sea Under Cloudy Sky
Wildflowers 1-4
Photo credit: Addison Doty

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What I Saw Last Summer

This past summer, my husband and I loaded our two dogs into our VW Syncro and drove from New Mexico to Seattle then flew north for a week in southeast Alaska. We crossed red-brown range and basin as we drove west through Nevada on Interstate 50, also known as the loneliest highway in the US. We wandered through trees, moss, ferns, and so many kinds of green all the way up the Pacific Coast.  We hopped from inlet to island, seeing even more green sprouting from black granite and volcanic rock and blue-green water in the Sitka Sound. On the way home, yellow dust and sharp manure smells replaced the mildew as we drove eastward across Washington.  In Wyoming, we drove into the red-brown-grey-yellow-green Rocky Mountains that stretched jaggedly to meet the bright blue, high altitude air, mountains that brought us all the way home.   The many lands we passed through inspired this series. 

Materials: low fire clay, oil and/or acrylic paints, cold wax, mdf, hardware

Photo credit: Addison Doty