Custom Memory Boxes


The first anniversary of Talula’s death passed in March. A busy day, her memory box on the mantel reminded me that I needed to take some time to remember her. I took the box and sat down with our newish puppy, Olive. I showed her Talula’s collar, her canine tooth that we had had to pull, her pictures, and her ashes. Talula was a great dog. You’ll be a great dog, Olive. 




I build Memory Boxes around image and story. 


Tell me some stories about who you knew your dog to be. When you remember of your dog, what do you see? Did she always sit on one hip or the other? Was she a straight sitter? A leaner? 


When he was lying down, did he lie on one side or the other? Did he stretch his legs out behind him like a frog? Did he nestle his face between his front paws or rest it to one side or another? 


Provide pictures--the more angles, the better.


And, of course, the facts: How much did she weigh? How long? What was her breed? 


Memory boxes are made of white earthenware clay that’s fired and then finished in encaustics (pigmented beeswax). Because encaustics will run, do not keep in direct sun or on hot surfaces. 


Boxes start at $400 USD


To find out about policies and to order a custom memory box, please download Commissioning a Custom Memory Box

Other questions, please contact me.  Please use subject line: memory boxes