Meet Olive the Pitbull


Olive, my cousin's rescue pitbull, loves to sleep with her head at a crazy acute angle to her body.  Word has it that the sleeping posture is a pitbull trait--hence the title of the piece, "Acute Olive Pit."


Excerpt from Olive's story--

"Olive (temporarily named Lil Mama by animal control workers) was picked up near Modesto, CA on Christmas Eve, 2013. She was 37 pounds -- a dog her size should be 62-65 pounds -- and had clearly had puppies not long before. She had demodex (mange) and hair loss due to malnutrition...After a few weeks, she was barely recognizable .... Most of her hair had grown back and she put on enough weight so when people stopped it was no longer to say, 'poor thing,' but instead, 'what a beautiful dog!'"


Bisqued earthenware clay finished with encaustics. 


Dimensions (approximate):

7.5” (h), 4.25” (d), 6.5” (w)


Price $325 USD

All images © 2020 Alexis Kaminsky